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Watermelon Rosé Margarita

Watermelon-Rose' Margarita Recipe

  (makes 1 good size margarita) 

1 oz Rose’ with Peach & Strawberry Wine Jelly  
Coarse Salt
1 oz Tequila 
1 oz 14 Hands Rosé Wine 
½ oz Triple Sec 
1 oz fresh lime juice 
1 cup frozen watermelon pieces 
Ice cubes optional

Take 1 oz of Rose Wine Jelly and heat for 10-15 seconds in microwave. 
Using a brush or paper towel, coat the rim of your glass with the Rosé Wine Jelly. Sprinkle with salt, and place in freezer for 30 minutes upside down.


After 30 minutes – Place all the ingredients in a blender process, pour……and enjoy.


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