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Hello and welcome to Berkshire Wine Jelly and Berkshire Grain- we are Kevin and Barbara Kirshner. 

Our love for food has been a lifelong journey that spans over 80 years of combined experience. Barbara began her career as the test kitchen manager at M&M/Mars Inc, where she co-developed the now famous Twix Bar. In 1987, we left the corporate world to pursue a more fulfilling path - we opened a charming lakeside country inn and full-service restaurant in Litchfield County, CT, called the Inn on Lake Waramaug.

While running the inn, Barbara created a Signature Granola for our guests that quickly became a hit. It was so popular that we left the inn business in 1990 to start our own company, Berkshire Grain.


Years later, Kevin was looking for a new adventure and stumbled upon a recipe for Wine Jelly while experimenting with Kombucha and other brews. He began selling his Wine Jelly at a farmers market on the Massachusetts Turnpike Travel Plaza, and people went wild over it.


Customers and retailers began asking us about our grains and wine jelly, so after 10 years of experimentation, Berkshire Wine Jelly was created as its own business. What started with three wine jelly varieties has since grown to eight, with more on the way.

Our wine jelly is incredibly versatile – while some of you may occasionally let your Jelly stray off the traditional PBJ – we haven’t found anything Wine Jelly doesn’t instantly go well with. From spreading it on toast to using it in baking or cocktails, the possibilities are endless. We even have a recipe tab on our website with tested recipes that you can enjoy with peace of mind.

If you have any questions about using our wine jelly or just want to share your thoughts, please send us an email at info@berkshirewinejelly.com.

Thank you for choosing Berkshire Wine Jelly. 

We hope you will try our products and share them with friends. 

With Gratitude, Kevin and Barbara


“You are never too old to set another goal
or to dream a new dream”
- CS Lewis

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