Kevin and Barbara Kirshner are the creators of Berkshire Wine Jelly and Berkshire Grain.
Their love of food has been a lifelong obsession and journey spanning over 80 years of combined
experience in the food industry. In 1990 they formed a company dedicated to the creation of granola
and associated food products and have been going strong ever since.

Several years ago, while experimenting with new recipes, they stumbled upon a process for
making Wine Jelly. Soon Kevin and Barbara were producing Berkshire Wine Jelly and selling it at
farmers markets and retailers where people fell so much in love with this new condiment, they had a
hard time keeping up with demand.

You should try it yourself. Wine Jelly is incredibly versatile and it’s nearly impossible to find
anything Berkshire Wine Jelly doesn’t instantly go well with. From spreading it on toast to using it
for baking, cocktails, or pairing it with artisanal bread and charcuterie, the possibilities are endless.
Please visit the recipe tab on our website to find time tested recipes or use the instructions to spark
your own imagination for how you can use Berkshire Wine Jelly in your favorite recipes.

Thank you for choosing Berkshire Wine Jelly. If you have any questions about using our products, or would like to share your thoughts, inspirations, and recipes you created using Berkshire Wine Jelly, please send us an email at info@berkshirewinejelly.com, we’ll be happy to share your brilliance.

With Gratitude,
Barbara and Kevin Kirshner



Berkshire Wine Jellies help create delicious sweet and savory additions to your favorite foods. Crafted from a great selection of wines, they can be used in a variety ofways, from charcuterie and butter boards to deserts and cocktails, or spread them on a cracker or slice of artisanal bread to pair with your favorite glass of wine. You’ll be amazed at the versatility and uses for Berkshire Wine Jelly. Buy some today!

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