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Berkshire Wine Jelly

Blueberry & Lavender - Berkshire Wine Jelly

Blueberry & Lavender - Berkshire Wine Jelly

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With soothing hints of French Lavender, a smooth blueberry taste, and a sparkle of Champagne. This Champagne wine jelly offers a very comforting experience - from the very first smell and taste.  

Serving Suggestions:

Spread over toast
Add to a Ham & Swiss on Rye sandwich
Heat and drizzle over ice cream, frozen yogurt, cheesecake, rice pudding, pound cake  or fresh strawberries, raspberries or blueberries. 

Pair with cream cheese, brie, creamy cheddar and Blue Stilton


Milled cane sugar, champagne, blueberries, natural fruit pectin, dried lavender and lime.

Made in Massachusetts.

Indulge in a classic combination with our Blueberry & Lavender Wine Jelly. Sweet blueberry balanced with the light aromatic notes of lavender make this Jelly perfect for topping your favorite breakfast treats, like our Blueberry Lavender Quick Bread. Savor the gentle sweetness - your taste buds will thank you.


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