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Berkshire Wine Jelly

Boysenberry & Basil Wine Jelly

Boysenberry & Basil Wine Jelly

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Lush Boysenberries are paired with an equally fruity Shiraz Wine twisted together with fresh Basil.  The bold and fruity contrasting flavors jump over each other with every delicious bite.

Serving Suggestions:

Enjoy with Sourdough Bread, cream cheese, Brie, Goat or a creamy cheddar. Try cheese from a local farm, and big scoops of Boysenberry Basil Shiraz wine jelly. Also amazing on top of cheesecake, crepes or vanilla ice cream.

Milled cane sugar, Shiraz Wine, crushed Boysenberries, natural  fruit pectin, dried basil, citric acid.

Made in Massachusetts. Berkshire Wine Jelly.


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