Wine Jellies are exactly what it sounds like- jelly made out of wine.

Berkshire Wine Jellies help create delicious sweet and savory additions to your favorite
foods. Crafted from a great selection of wines, they can be used in a variety of
ways, from charcuterie and butter boards to deserts and cocktails, or spread them on a
cracker or slice of artisanal bread to pair with your favorite glass of wine. You’ll be
amazed at the versatility and uses for Berkshire Wine Jelly. Buy some today!

  • Trio Pack

    Our #1 selling gift set

    You'll get three jars in a nice box - ready to gift or keep for yourself! Customize this the way you want - you pick the flavors!

  • Devil's Fire Berkshire Wine Jelly

    Devil's Fire

    A little heat with each bite that still allows you to take in all the flavors of the food.

    Berkshire Wine Jelly Devil's Fire 
  • Boysenberry & Basil Berkshire Wine Jelly

    Boysenberry & Basil

    Bold and fruity contrasting flavors jump over each other with every delicious bite.

    Berkshire Wine Jelly Boysenberry & Basil 
  • Merlot

    If Merlot is your favorite wine, then we are pretty sure, you are going to love this!

    Berkshire Wine Jelly Merlot 

Greens with Roasted Beets

A fresh, tasty salad to enjoy year round topped with a dressing made with the Chardonnay with Lemon & Rosemary Wine Jelly.

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