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Berkshire Wine Jelly

Devil's Fire Wine Jelly

Devil's Fire Wine Jelly

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Starts with aromas of black cherry, red currant, blackberry bramble and habaneros for some medium heat. Made with a scarlet red Zinfandel Wine ~ you'll enjoy flavors of ripe cherry and after several seconds you feel a warm tingle on your tongue.. 

Devil's Fire is not a Pepper Jelly, it is so much more -- a little heat with each bite that still allows you to take in all the flavors of the food.

Serving Ideas:
Pairs well with cream cheese, brie, blue cheese or Cheddar cheese.
Brush it on anything and everything or spread on a sandwich or a burger

Mix into your favorite barbecue sauce

Glaze all meats coming off the grill

Spice up everything. Add to mustards, ketchups, and sauces to make your own unique condiments. 

Milled cane sugar, Red Zinfandel wine, habanero peppers, natural fruit pectin, lemon zest, citric acid.

Made in Massachusetts. Berkshire Wine Jelly.


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