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Berkshire Wine Jelly

Wine Jelly Sampler

Wine Jelly Sampler

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Our Berkshire Wine Jelly Sampler showcases 4 beloved varieties, handpicked by our customers for your enjoyment.  From perfecting your charcuterie board to elevating recipes, sweetening baked goods without sugar, crafting tantalizing cocktails,   these  Wine Jellies do it all. Versatile and bursting with flavor.  It's the must-have staple for every pantry.  This little 4-pak makes a great gift.  Available at select retailers and on-line.

Including in this set:

Champagne Jelly with Blueberries & Lavender 1.5oz

Soothing hints of French Lavender, a smooth blueberry taste, and a sparkle of Champagne. This Champagne wine jelly offers a very comforting experience - from the very first smell and taste.

Merlot Wine Jelly  1.5oz

Made from a 100% Merlot Wine that features flavor notes of dark cherry and boysenberry, along with a smooth dry finish.

Pinot Noir Wine Jelly with Coffee & Dates  1.5oz

Deep rich flavors of coffee and medjool dates surround a fruity Pinot Noir that produces a velvety smooth finish.

Rosé Wine Jelly with Peach & Strawberry  1.5oz

This wine jelly is very fun. Starting with a dry Rosé Wine, the addition of fresh strawberry and peaches gives this wine jelly a delightful fruity finish.


Suggested ways to use:  (more recipes @ Wine Jelly Recipes menu tab)

Watermelon Rosé Margarita

Meatloaf topped with Merlot Barbecue Sauce

Blueberry Lavender Collins

French Toast PB& Wine Jelly Roll Ups




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